Over the last week, St. Aidan’s and the Active School Committee have focused on getting active first thing in the morning, with a whole school Wake Up! Shake Up! in the school hall each morning at 9 o’clock. Each day the pupils and staff were warmed up and took part in body jives, stretching exercises, Just Dance and revised their Active School’s chant and song.


On Friday , the whole school took part in a walk  in connection with Operation Transformation. All class levels took part and the walks were varied throughout the town. Two Operation Transformation leaders, Tom Byrne and Sonia Gilmartin, from the community came along as well as other parents who helped with supervision. After the walk Gilmartin’s Catering and Hygiene Supplies provided refreshments in the hall for all those involved. Many thanks to all who helped out on the day. It was a great success.

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