We had a very successful and fun filled Active Week here in St. Aidans from May 7th-10th. In order to maintain and apply for our new Active Flag a number of criteria had to be successfully met through organisation and engagement with the ASF guidelines.

We would particularly like to thank the Active Committee for helping Miss Nyland and Mrs. Rushe in the planning and running of the week.

Tuesday May 7th- 
Kids in Motion were invited to the school to give a taster of gymnastics in the hall.
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A club and community officer, Simon O’Malley from Connacht Rugby gave a taster to the senior side of the school.
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Wednesday May 8th- 
Rinka Fitness worked with the whole school.
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4th Class used the Secondary School Hall to take part in SpikeBall with the help of some Transition Year students and their teacher.
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3rd Class completed a numeracy trail around the grounds of the school.
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Thursday May 9th-
The day began with a whole school novelty event at the back of the school. All classes and teachers took part in a ‘Spud and Spoon’ Race and children were awarded ‘Golden Spoons’ and homework passes for their great efforts.
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Junior Jiving got all classes moving to Tommy K for the rest of the day. This was the completely new activity to our ASW this year.
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Friday May 10th-
Parent and Yoga instructor Nicola Heneghan worked with all classes throughout the day linking in with the school’s Amber Flag Initiative
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4th Class completed an SESE Trail around the grounds of the school.
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As if that wasn’t enough all classes began The Daily Mile Initiative this week. Classes will continue this on for four weeks in total and both teachers and pupils seem to be enjoying this hugely.
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All classes took part in Active Homework of some type each night.
Junior and Middle Classes had ten minutes of assigned Active Homework while Senior classes completed the 60 minute Challenge Card which they will complete once each term throughout the ASF Initiative.
Active Homework 2019 Infants

Well done to all pupils and all staff for making it a fantastic week!