School Calendar

Below is the school calendar for 2018/19 and a list of important dates. Parents / guardians will be notified if this has to be altered in any way.

Some important dates to note:

Halloween Break: School closed Mon 29th Oct -Fri. Nov 2nd  . (inclusive)

Christmas Holidays :  Closing Fri 21st Dec at 12 noon and re-opening on Mon 7th Jan. 2019

Mid-Term Break: Closed Thurs 21st Feb  and Fri 22nd  Feb 2019.

St. Patrick’s Day: Closed Mon 18th March

Easter Holidays: Closing Fri 12th April. Re-opening Mon Apr 29th. 2019

May  Bank Holiday Weekend: School closed  Mon May 6th

First Holy Communion: Sat 11th May 2019

Confirmation: 5th & 6th Classes, Sat 25th May

Extended June Break: School closed Fri 31st May, Mon 3rd and Tue 4th  June 21019

Senior School Tour 5th-6th classes) :  Thurs 30th May. (note change from provisional date) 

( School closed for all classes not on tour )

Summer Holidays:  Closing on Wed 26th June at 12 noon .